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Thermal Experience

Unify your body, mind and spirit with our Unity Thermal Experience

The Experience

Heat + Cool + Relaxation = Holistic Rejuvenation

  • HeatTo begin, we recommend warming your body in one of our soothing saunas (choose from dry heat or steam) or in one of Unity’s Nordic hot tubs. Allow 15 minutes for this step before moving on.
  • coolThe second step of the thermal experience involves rapidly lowering your core body temperature. This is achieved by immersing your body in an invigorating cold pool for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • RelaxtionLastly comes an extended period of relaxation which allows the body to return to a comfortable stasis. Curl up by an outdoor fireplace or retreat to our Unity Quiet Room for at least 20 minutes while you allow yourself to reach absolute tranquility.

For optimal results, we suggest completing the three steps of the thermal cycle 3-4 times.

The Benefits

Find yourself relaxed, revived and rejuvenated through the Unity Thermal Experience.

The Thermal Cycle is known to release endorphins, reducing stress while relaxing the mind and body. It also provides a reviving immunity boost, cleansing the body of toxins, released through the pores. Many who practice this ritual on a regular basis report improved sleeping habits, sleeping both longer and better throughout the night, leaving them feeling truly rejuvenated long after they’ve left the spa.

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