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When owners Ben & Michelle first visited the mid-19th century toll house at the intersection of Unity and Battersea, they were instantly inspired by the beauty of the heritage home and the farmland around it. From the very beginning, their vision for Unity Farm, Inn & Spa has been to preserve and share this historic homestead for future generations to enjoy. Come and see what makes Unity so unique. 


interactive Map of unity farm, inn & spa
It’s time to reconnect…

With The Land

Renew your connection with nature.
Explore our scenic walking trails, take in your beautiful rural surroundings and feel the complete and uninterrupted tranquility found only in the great outdoors.

With Food

Rediscover your love of fresh, wholesome food.
Discover delicious shared plates at our farm-to-table restaurant. As you explore our gardens, vineyard and fields, you’ll have the opportunity to see where your food comes from – to touch, smell and experience it all at the source.

With Friends

Refresh your routine. 
Invite your circle along to enjoy everything that the farm, the inn & the spa at Unity have to offer. Here you’ll find a truly unique experience you are sure to remember for years to come.

With Family

Relax with those who mean the most to you. 
Share a meaningful experience away from the distractions of your busy day-to-day. Re-live your favourite memories and create new ones when you come together here at Unity.

With Your Team

Reignite the flame of creativity.
Bring your team together at the Unity Corporate Barn for team building, brainstorming and so much more. Here you’ll find space to let your big ideas grow. Let our expert team create a one-of-kind experience for yours to enjoy.

With Your Partner

Rekindle your romance. 
Escape the everyday and breathe new life into your relationship. Take time for one another - curl up by the fire, enjoy a glass of wine or an intimate dining experience. Discover our thermal spa experience and share a rejuvenating treatment. The options are endless at Unity.

With Yourself

Recharge your body and your mind. 
Unplug and find peace through stillness and reflection. Treat yourself to a luxurious treatment and leave all your worries behind. Come away from your Unity experience feeling more yourself than ever.”

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon

We are currently working with our architect, engineers and The City to complete all necessary requirements for our site design. Construction of the Inn, Spa & Restaurant is set to begin in early 2022.

We look forward to welcoming you for the summer of 2023.

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